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AOL is an American company that provides various web portal and online services. AOL was founded in 1983, with its headquarter located in New York, United States. AOL is considered to be one of the first companies to provide internet services to its customers, as early as in the mid-1990s. With its peak popularity during the era of dial-up internet connection, AOL provided multiple services that included web portal, email services, instant messaging and having its own web browser.

AOL had also purchased Time Warner as it rejoiced its popularity among the masses for years. In 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications, an American multinational telecommunications company, based in New York City.

With an exceptional AOL Technical Support staff working tirelessly to provide a terrific service to its widely spread customer base around the world the best service and help regarding any technical or non-technical issues 24*7 days of a week.

Services provided by the AOL Tech Support

There are various problems that a user can face while using the AOL web browser. The problems can be of different kinds, from the customer not being able to find the desired network connection to connect with the internet, AOL web browser running too slow, or not being able to email from the AOL, etc. For all kinds of problems like these, contacting the AOL Tech support staff in their authorized number 1-844-851-9487 would get the customer the help that they need.

From time to time, customers might be facing difficulty in accessing the AOL web browser from their mobile devices. While they could always pick up their phone and call the AOL Mail Technical Support Phone Number at any time to receive on-call help from the customer service staff or they could opt to solve the problems themselves following some steps as mentioned here:

  • Device connection: Make sure to check the device’s network connection. Sometimes when the computer system is not able to connect the network or the network connectivity is weak, the AOL web browser might not work correctly or at all.
  • Outdated browser: Having an outdated AOL web browser in your mobile, would make the AOL slow or not work at all. So updating the web browser to the latest version should solve the problem.
  • Restart the browser: If you are sure your browser is up to date to the latest version, sometimes the web browser might not work due to an overflow of caches and cookies. Clear the temporary files, close the web browser window completely, clear the trash files, and restart the web browser. If necessary, restart the mobile device once, as well.
  • Uninstall and re-install: Sometimes, the problem could be with the devices’ hardware or with the Web browser file. Uninstall the web browser files from the mobile, clear the caches to delete the files from the mobile device’s memory and re-install it. Doing this should resolve the problem of the AOL web browser, not working.  
  • Outdated operating system: An outdated operating system of the mobile device that the user who is trying to access the web browser from might act as a problem. If your devices’ operating system is of not the latest version, updating it should resolve the problem instantly.

If the users need any further help, they could always dial the technical support staff number or email them to receive an extensive list of instructions to help solve the problem.

Dial AOL Tech Support Phone Number to receive any technical help.

AOL was one of the first web services companies that provided the use of the internet in the whole of the United States. Ever since starting the service in 1993, the easy to use design and user interface has attracted a lot of users to the AOL email services around the world. Four years later, in 1997, AOL became the world’s largest internet service provider, with around 9 million users taking the benefit of the email service. Currently, AOL provides help to its customers with just a ring of the phone to the AOL Tech Support Phone Number, inquiring about what steps need to be followed to fix any kind of problems.

As time went on, AOL has introduced more stringent security to the website, web browsers, and email services to avoid any kind of harmful and malicious attacks. With the growing use of internet users, the numbers of AOL mail users spiked higher rapidly, as the company saw 24 million users by the summer of 2012. However, to use the email services by AOL, a user will need to have an email account. To create an email account, a few simple steps are needed to be followed:

  • Go to the official AOL page at
  • Move to the ‘Login/join’ option right on the top – the right of the home page.
  • On the next page, click on ‘Create account’ option.
  • Enter the details that were asked of you to proceed further.
  • Make sure to create a strong password to prevent a hacker from hacking into your email account.
  • After all the details are entered, click on ‘I agree’ and your account will be ready to use.

Tip: Use the ‘Two-step verification’ method that provides an added layer of security from the hacker. Typically when this verification procedure is introduced, it requires the customer to enter their phone number, so whenever they log in from a different device, it will send a confirmation code to their phone that is registered with the AOL account. This way if hackers try to hack into the email account, it would be easier for the real owner to know about the attempt. If the customers face any kind of difficulty or issues, getting in contact with the AOL Email Tech Support would instantly solve the problem. Changing passwords from time to time is an easy and most recommended way to keep the AOL email account safe.

Get in contact with AOL Technical Support to receive some tech-related problems.

Most of the times while trying to send an image to the receiver in AOL mail the system fails to send the image. While the primary issue may be due to the file size bigger than the maximum email attachment limit of 25 MB as set by the company. Which means if the file is 25.1 Mb or bigger, the attachment will not be accepted by the email service. Another one of AOL mail features is that it is available in 54 languages, and inbox can receive up to 1000 new images, with 4000 old messages and the same number of sent messages.

One of the many issues both older and younger generations face today are remembering passwords for the email accounts. While for the older generation it is due to the fact that they never had to remember it while they were young and the idea of remembering a password is relatively new to them, as for younger generations, they have too many accounts on various websites or too many social media accounts to remember the passwords for. To recover your forgotten password, you must get AOL Technical Support by dialing their number or by emailing them from a different email account, letting them know about the problem.  

However, the steps for recovering AOL mail passwords are quite simple and straightforward:

  • Visit the AOL login page at
  • Enter the AOL username.
  • Click ‘Sign In’ label just below it.
  • When the next page leads you to enter the password, click on the link in blue that says ‘I forgot my password.’
  • This will redirect you to a new page where you will have to enter your username once again.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Enter the phone number that is linked to your AOL account.
  • Clicking next in the next step AOL will send a verification code to the phone number.
  • After you receive the code, enter it on the space provided in the screen.
  • Select Verify. Create a new password in the next step,
  • Click Save.

The password recovering process is done with these steps. The password can also be recovered using another email id if there is one linked as an alternative email id to the account. To keep the account safe from hackers and scammers make sure to create a password that is long, contains numbers, letters, and special symbols. Changing the passwords from time to time also ensures safety.

Passwords can be changed from time to time using the following method:

  • Log in to your AOL account after entering the details.
  • Go to the ‘Manage Your Account’ tab.
  • Find the label that says ‘Password’ and select ‘Change Password.’
  • Enter ‘New Password’ and repeat the same password under the ‘Confirm Password’ tab.
  • Select Save to save the new password.

AOL Tech Support Number to avail help from the support staff.

While all these procedures might be easy for someone who works with jobs that require constant online activity all the time, for someone who is entirely new to the process, all these might sound confusing and hard. To spare yourself the horror of doing something that would more harm than good, do not hesitate to call AOL Tech Support Number and talk with a customer service staff that would be able to help you through the process.

Not only the customer service is available by phone or call, but the customer service is also available via, email, 24/7 live chats with immediate response timing with experts. Services like news feed, entertainment are available with AOL. To activate or modify the services one can call AOL Technical Support Number or do it on their own. AOL also provides several desktop and mobile app services.

AOL Technical Support Phone Number to avail the benefit of assorted mail features.

The AOL mail is designed in a way so that it can provide their user with lots of essential features in one place. This was made possible by AOL and its partners to make the things easier so that the users do not have to look at other places to avail the services. Instead of using many apps to use the services one at a time, AOL has incorporated a few of the critical features in the email. To know about all the features in details, and how to avail the services without any issue, the users can always call AOL Email Tech Support contact number to know about the features as a customer service assistant helps through the procedure.

When you open the AOL mail webpage or AOL mail app in the mobile devices, on the right side of the screen, there is a list of various panels. Panels are the easiest way to avail services provided by AOL. Some of the advanced features provided by AOL mail are listed here:

  • AIM panel: The AIM panel (AOL Instant Messenger) is designed for instant messaging option. With this panel, you can start instant messaging from what AOL terms as ‘Buddy List,’ a list of AOL mail contacts that are saved in your devices or mail service.
  • To do panel: Instead of using a separate app to maintain your to-do list, so as to remember things that need to be done on its due date, you can now save all the details in the AOL mail To Do Panel. You can add new tasks and the date that it needs to be done.
  • Events Panel: This panel can be used to keep track of various upcoming events. The Events panel is linked with the calendar app in the mobile or computer devices. When you enter event details in either of those, it would be saved in both the calendar app and the events panel in the AOL mail.
  • Blog Panel: This panel is what people would call AOL journal. This is a free blog service that comes with all the AOL mail accounts. Like every other blog, you enter a title, body of the blog content, tags and you can share it publicly or only with the contacts in your AOL mail list.

To get in-depth knowledge about all of these services, do not hesitate to call AOL Mail Technical Support Phone Number and clear all of the doubts that you might have regarding any service.